Paper Wrapped Color Pencil

Model no. BC-102

High quality wax crayons with natural bees wax. Smooth and brilliant colour coverage for varipous surfaces—plastic, glass, metal, ceramic & etc. Break-resistant. Paper sleeve with name field. Waterproof. Up to 24 brilliant colours

Product Information

Model no. Pcs. Packaging Per carton
BC-102 12pcs paper box 144 set
BC1-5SP 5pcs OPP bag 144 set
BC-3000 12pcs paper box 144 set
BC3-12B 12pcs strengthened PVC case 144 set
BC3-16B 16pcs strengthened PVC case 96 set
BC3-20B 20pcs strengthened PVC case 30 set
BC3-25B 25pcs strengthened PVC case 20 set


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