Baby Crayons 6 Colors

Model no. BCJ-6J

High quality plastic crayons. Smooth and brilliant colour coverage. Break-resistant. Waterproof. Up to 24 brilliant colours

Product Information

Model no. Pcs. Packaging Per carton
BJT-24P 24pcs PP case with PET tray 72 set
BJ-12M 12pcs paper case, PET tray 144 set
BJR-12V 12pcs vinyl case with insert 144 set
BCJ-6J 6pcs paper box 288 set
BCJ-12J 12pcs paper box 144 set
BCJ-24JM 12pcs paper case, PET tray 72 set
BT-12V 18pcs vinyl case with insert 216 set
BT-12VT 12pcs paper case, PET tray 144 set
BT-24VT 24pcs paper case, PET tray 96 set


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